The best is yet to come…


Yes … It’s here I can not sleep .. Actually, I can not remember when I have slept the past two weeks.

My insomniac disposition has allowed me to analyze my life as well as myself. First and for most, I would not be anything nor anywhere with out mom (aka jlo) We clash yes ,but just as much as we sometimes do not see eye to eye. Our love is the type that hurts I know you mean well. It will be reAlly difficult to be away from her.

Secondly, my stepdad (pitbull) well for all intensive purposes he is my dad. He is what a model father should strive to be. These two people are the hardest working people I know. If we never had anything in common before (which is not the case) after today we will have one thing. That is to move to another country, with people you do not know. Where the language is not your mother tongue… Yet we are all three taking the risk or a leap of faith and letting life ravel as it unfolds.

Mom and Dad you both taught me to dream and thank you for not taking me out of the clouds.