Doing my last honors in htown

So as I help my best friend on one of the most important days of her life. I realize how lucky and honored I am to be here for this occasion.

You see the one thing I am going to miss about Houston is just that… My girlfriends. I have been spoiled all my life and grateful that I have managed to maintain relationships since I was 9 years old.
So since today is Cristina’s day here is an ode to my girl!!! The girl that would be game for anything, she is one of the yings to my yangs, and would be in my getaway car if I needed it. Yes, I am going to miss our crazy brunches… Lunches and our absurd conversations that I am sure if there was a fly on the wall it would want to be committed.

I guess what I have learned from saying my goodbyes that change is a lovely thing and to never take for granted the moments you share with special people in your life.

Cheers to the soon to be Mr. And Mrs. Coleman!!!





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