Why spanish boys are so affectionate


Sweet Mother and Son.  Notice how he has his mom’s hand towards him not the other way around.

One of my favorite past time that never gets old is people watching. So just like everyone in the Houston.  I have a 40 minute metro commute to from La Latina to Las Suertes to work.  I use to hate commuting in Houston mainly because I had to be very focused and ready for the any A$$H%^e that was impatient on the road.   I actually enjoy my 40 minute commute because I do not have to think I could just read my book and mentally prepare myself for the day.

As of now I have been in Madrid for 12 days.  I have received countless piropos aka catcalls, several whats app exchanges, and even dates.  I know it’s ridiculous.  But the madrileños are very forward and know what they want and they make sure you know.  So as I observed this I realized why the men are like this and it brings me to my commute to work this week.  I was sitting in front of a mother and son who are were bickering back and forth.  The mother told him to be quiet.  So the little boy started hugging his mom and giving her several butterfly kisses on her cheek. As I watch this interaction I realize that the culture grooms these future Don Juan’s.  It is also refreshing to see that these boys are so secure with how they feel that they are not embarrassed by this display of public affection.  It is refreshing to see.


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