Follow your Arrow… who said it was going to be easy

A cute tapas bar that is in my neighorhood... Latina Turner... (Cute play on words) most of my friends will know

A cute tapas bar that is in my neighorhood… (La Latina ) named Latina Turner… (Cute play on words) most of my friends will know my obsession.

One of my closet friends, Ann, gave a necklace that had the coordinates of this dream place as well as a necklace that has an arrow.  She said,  this arrow symbolize two thing:

  • follow the direction you would like to go
  • sometimes being pulled back helps you spring forward to where you need to be.

Now before I start my account of this experience. Please keep in mind this is not a complaint.  However,  I think people have a misconception and I do have to blame facebook for this.   That my life is all lollipops and unicorns  by the my pictures  and random experiences I post. Yes, I do often roam around Madrid as if i know where I am going and take a 2 hour siestas.  What most do not know, is the amount of paperwork, headaches, and buzz kill I go through each day.  Which reminds me why everyone in this country is a functioning alcoholic.  They drink because it is there way of saying F**k it. You want to give me a hard time … well i am going to go on coffee break.

Most do not tell you that when you are following your arrow that you have to be prepared to do things you may not want to do.  No one reveals how difficult it can be to get papers pushed through.  For example,  I thought the most difficult thing was trying to get the visa.  Apparently, I could not be anymore wrong.  You want a cell phone number please have your paperwork ready.  You want empardonamiento… have your paperwork ready.  So there is all this paperwork and very little organization.

Or even, realizing that I am not in a foreign place more that I am the foreigner and that I must act accordingly.  Constantly saying to myself, ” Don’t be a stupid American”.  (you know the kind that wears khaki’s with white keds and pickpocketers can see them a mile away) Which I experienced an unfavorable sequence of events when I was in Valencia for a mini weekend trip.

Sometimes, I sit in a cafe with my tinto verano ( red wine with lemonade) and think how did I get so lucky.  Just like that … I realize that this is just temporary and try to relish the good, bad, and sometimes ugly.









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