Sidrerias…who knew wine could be so refreshing

Me having a go at escanciar ... Not bad for the first try...

Not Bad for the First Time!!!

One of the things I absolutely adore about moving to this city is how friendly people can be. Everyday I see it as an opportunity to meet new people.  So this past Saturday was not only fun but educational. In a neighborhood called Lavapies I stumbled to a sidrerias. Basically, a tavern where there are  only ciders. In the states, I believe most would say cider is a girly way of drinking beer. Here on the other hand it’s an experience.  In reality it is just a type of  wine.

According to Asturias tradition, Sidra or Cider, is the traditional drink of Asturias. Asturias is north of Madrid  between the regions of  Galicia and Pais Vasco (where my ancestry is from).It is made from locally-grown apples in Asturias and has been produced here since ancient times. Sidra is technically the regions “wine.” The Romans called it “pomaria” and the Arabs called it “siserio.” There are over 30 varieties of apples commercially grown in Asturias, but only some of the varieties are suitable for fermenting into sidra.  Sidra Asturiana is a light, musty and tart, but slightly sweet beverage, perfect for enjoying during the warm days of summer.

Believe it or not I think los españoles  (the Spanish) are very much like the Texans, maybe that is why I feel so at home. The spanish love to do food and drinking in a very big dramatic fashion.  ” Go big or Go home” mentality a small group of you would order a bottle and it has a split spout.  The tavern only gives you one glass and everyone in that group shares.  So you definitely want to do this with someone who is close to you or you will have no choice but to become fast friends.  Holding a large, rustic glass in one hand and a bottle of cider in the other, the bartender raises the bottle above his head and lets the chilled cider fall into the glass, producing a bit of foam from the carbonation.  This process is called escanciar, it is said that it is to produce the best tasting cider.   Once it is poured you must chug quickly.  Whatever is left over you swirl it in the cup and dump it on the floor.  Yes people you so wear tennis shoes or shoes you do not mind getting wet.

Now I can scratch of #7 on my personal Spain list.

Beef and Potatoe stew

Beef and potatoe stew

I had to try it myself...

I had to try it myself…

Communal Glass

Communal Glass


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