You want me to dry my clothes where…?

Don’t get me wrong I love the Spanish life style.In fact, I feel that I have adjusted quite well. In just 3 1/2 weeks I’ve managed to get a Pizo, Spanish cell, abono (which is the metro pass… There is an appointment list that can take up to 3 weeks to obtain), a Spanish bank account, signed myself up for flamenco classes, and had countless dates with españoles. So yes, I have been a busy lady.

However, I am reminded daily that “todo I don’t think we are in Texas anymore” … So first thing people do not understand the struggle my bathroom is so minuscual That I do not think people can comprehend unless you live it. In fact, when I get in the shower I laugh my ass off. I am reminded of my uncle Gustavo (he is a joker) when he went to Italy for the first time he explained his experience how he got in the shower and grabbed the shower head and did a small jig to get cleaned.

But when my clean under wear was quickly depleting. I was starting to panic. You see one of the things I hate the most is doing laundry. I absolutely can not stand it. I detest it!!!First of all,my washer is so little and antiquated that there is a section to put liquid fabric softener and this part is particularly important especially because your dryer is not a machine that tumbles the laundry. Oh no that would just be convenient. My dryer is no other than a clothes line. Taa daah

So what has this taught me,because I believe everything in life has a lesson. Yes, I am constantly surrounded by beautiful architecture, amazing processions of good looking men (especially the ones in uniform), endless partying, and delectable food. So in order for me to enjoy this I just have to keep an open mind and invest in a good two in one fabric softener. After all when you get frustrated in Spain just remember there is always tomorrow and relax and have a glass of whine oh wait wine.



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