Tapapies … Genius all you can eat and drink under 20€

Coming from a city like Houston who has been dubbed as the fattest city in the states. Or should I say we have an appreciation for good food. When my Australian co-worker said “hey, in Lavapies they are having tapas festival. ” I am sure you would understand how there was not any hesitation.


Before the expulsion of Jews in 1492 the cobbled streets of Lavapies (literally means wash your feet) was an old Jewish Quarter. This neighborhoods’ namesake came about as an school Jewish tradition of washing your feet before going to temple. Lavapies slopes towards the center of the city also known as Sol. Now it is one of the most diverse areas in all of Madrid. Since the 19th century, it remained true to its tradition as a working class neighborhood. If you walk down Calle Argumosa you will find Moroccan, Indian, and Chinese cuisine at a good bang for your euro. Or how I like to refer this to as a baller on a budget.

This is the second year were most of the restaurant owners of Lavapies create a tapa style mouth watering showcase or their culture through what their restaurant / bar has to offer. As if that was not enough… One tapa Estrella Damm beer will cost 1€ each… I was in fat kid heaven.

click to watch Tapapies video


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