Perspective aka Preceptiva

This is probably one of my favorite places. Not just because of of the obvious … It’s freakin beautiful! The significance behind it. I went to El Círculo de las Bellazas Artes. They currently have a photojournalism exposition that I nearly fell flat on my face. If you are ever in Madrid … El círculo de bellezas artes is a place you must stop. The price can not be beat 3€ for the awesome exhibition and 1€ extra to pay a visit to the terrace.

As I mentioned what made it special was not just the cool exhibition nor areal view. Most do not know that the day before I had a horrible case of homesickness. I believe what shocked me the most was that it happened so soon. Yes, when I first arrived here I got the sense of déjà vu. As if I belonged here my dream of making Madrid my first stop was not a dream but a reality. I was an active participate in making that happen. Well that particular Sunday I was not feeling so hot. In fact, I had plans to hang out with my roommate Cristina and go to el rastro (a market) which was right outside my house. You would think how convenient. Those of you who know me if I pass up shopping there must be something particularly wrong with me … Especially, if shopping requires me to negotiate. (Which is my specialty) so this particular sunday I decided to through myself a pity party for one as my cousin Monica would say and listened to George Strait all day.
click here to watch film clips and still shots.

Just when I thought I was going to have a manic Monday i got invited by my wonderful coworkers to this place. So when I finally got to the Terrance all the sadness from the day before washed away. I literally fell in love with Madrid… Or it could have been because of the high altitude that I was high.

I know not everyone will have this experience. Most of you will say what a great place for a photo op, appreciate art, grab a cocktail, but for me it will be a place where I will just go to clear my head.


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