Expect the unexpected in Madrid

Well, as I was starting to write my upcoming section on my blog called Tapas Tuesday. I stumbled across a tapas place on Cava Baja called La Concha.

I decided to treat myself to a lovely meal on a chilly day…As I started give my own critical review for every coarse I had I noticed couple of Guiri seated right next to me. Guiri is the slang term españoles use for foreigners. They were very friendly. So as I got comfy with my wine we got into a series of conversations regarding the writings on the wall. I came to find out that they are Norwegians here for the Real Madrid vs. Liverpool.

I thought what an exciting life Europeans lead. If they want to see a game of fútbol… They can just cross many countries to see their team play. As most of you know I am not allowed to like Real Madrid only Atlético Madrid. According to my dad it is absolutely sacrilegious for me to support them. Lucky for him I can’t stand Ronaldo. I know I am going to make lots of enemies but as most of you know I could give a s#%+ or how they say here me vale. As I explained this to my new friends, which was about an hour of talking that only seemed like 30 minutes they had already invited me to sit at their table. The kindness they showed will be something I will never forget until the day I die. The interactions they were having in Norwegian was fascinating as well. These group of friends were from different regions of Norway. Obviously, I do not know Norwegian but I could definitely pick up that they were from different regions. Some spoke very clearly that you could differentiate the pauses between each word others spoke with more of a melody. So in between of learning how to say “that’s what she said ” in Norwegian. (Which literal translation is that is what the bride said) they stated they had an extra ticket to the game and wanted to know if I would like to go …as long as I supported Liverpool and I gladly excepted.

Now when I initially excepted I thought cool I am going to a game and then I was told we had VIP suite seating… I thought I could just die happy.



Looking back in the states I would probably not have a sit down meal by myself. I feel that back home I would get judged for being a woman eating 3 course meal alone. Now I can not wait when I decide to eat by myself again… I wonder what other shenanigans I will get into. Can’t wait!!!