Hospitality in Madrid

First, I know that is has been truly way over due, but I wanted to take a break and stop and be an honorary madrileña and just enjoy the holidays.  I can not deny that I have an amazing schedule. My main gig is at the cole short for colegio aKa School. I work from Tuesday thru Friday. Then I have my evenings occupied with private lessons.

One of my favorite private lessons are a brother and sister combo  that I absolutely adore. Sergio and Sara they are half Spanish and half Moroccan. (YES, TOOOO CUTE!!!) Their mother is such a Sweetheart.  Since she knows that I am here for all intensive purposes alone, she is great at giving me tips on where to  find certain things or has been a great guide. Being from TEXAS, I have always been aware that we are very hospitable … but pleasantly surprise the   Madrileños  somehow know how to show us Texans, a bit more about hospitality.

Consequently, getting ready for the holidays are always a bit daunting.  Since my honeymoon phase with Madrid has come to a halt. December is a month that I have always had a love/ hate relationship.  You reflect on the good things, the things you would do differently, and hope that you do not make the same mistakes The following year. Then when you add the component of being in a different country it tends to complicate things. (Or how they say here tela marinera)

So when Fatima welcomed me to her home and wanted to have a  lunch in my honor  I almost fell out of my seat.  This three coarse meal (which is very common in Spain) made me realized more than ever, that you really never stop learning.  The family got to know a little bit about me not just as a teacher.  Most importantly I learned about them.  I don’t think the parents meant this, but I started to think deeply about it…That they are teaching there kids to be kind and grateful human beings.

As for me I realized that “I’m not just a Teacher” …click here for a short video of these two cuties!!!


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