Dear family and friends,…sincerely, Lynnette

Dear family and friends,
It’s be an amazing start to the year. The only word I can say that would describe my January and February would serendipitous.

These series of events have no explanation but I was fortunate enough and realized that I embodied an idiom that Spanish people use to describe my luck… Are you ready for it “que flor en el culo que tenéis” which translates to “what flower in your ass do you have”.  This is to express the sums up the events that occur to me to see the light at the end of the tunnel… My light or torch  is symbolized in the shape of bus or plane ticket.

However, I am a firm believer of two theories 1) the law of attraction 2) life is about checks and balances.  Yes, I may be an expat but I still have some faith in my Americano political theories.   Here is how i put this concept into practice.  My check started with a nice swift kick in the ass in January. Shortly after my trip to Amsterdam and ringing in the New Year.  I fell gravely ill.  So ill I was given a leave of absence to rest and was secretly praying to god that my doctor would not kill me.  See this is what happens you try to self medicate because the country you live in has socialized healthcare… Hell that is just a different post all together.  Needless to say, I was given meds that cause me to have two allergic reaction.  So the last thing I wanted to do was blog… or do anything.  This made me also realize that when you are home away from home and ill.  You tend to feel self pity to the 10th power. Do not know why you just do is as if everything you that you feel is more intensified and you have no where to run to.  To add insult to injury I was dating this man for 3 months and had to have the dreaded come to jesus talk of where is this going/ what are we doing talk? Which did not end well. So by the end of the month my mind and body had hit a bit of  an iceberg …I lost steam and felt like sinking.

So I tried to regain my second wind and dose of happiness back I recieved a whats app message from a friend I had met this passed Halloween he was  in Madrid on business.   We kept in touch throughtout the months leading up to January.  His message read ” When are you coming to Basque Country?” At First ,  I was extremely reluctant,  but being that I had a rough start to the year I decided to treat myself to a mini adventure.  Instead, of resting the last week of January I put into practice an express my friend Oprah would say  (yes, I have a friend named Oprah and she is that Fabulous) “I will sleep when I die”.

This quaint town I visited is called Beasain.  It is one of the towns outside of the capital of the Communities in Spain… Which is the Basque Country.  Part of my facination with this region is simple. My last name is Basque in fact my great grandfather was actually born in this Community.  So there has always been an obsession with me trying to without sounding cheesy,  (I know i will) “find my roots”.  If you want to see more of my trip here .

I practically fell in love with San Sebastian and learn something new about myself.  

Then, I was able to see my family even if it was for a brief period but it was also to clear my head and stay focus.

So my goal for this year is to post at least 3 times a month.  I figured if i put this in writing i would have to hold myself accountable for it.

As for next month or this who knows. My new adventure all I can say is that I have had on my radar for three years.




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