Chin chin (cheers) to the love of my life

As I mentally prepare myself on the metro I see various displays of affection. This daily reoccurrence causes me to see the same people. They recognize me as well and we politely make eye contact and salute each other as if we have been formally introduced. When I see people passionately kiss each other in the metro I can’t help but be very American and want to say, “get a room” then I stop and think who is the love of my life?
I realize it’s what I am doing right now traveling.
 I don’t really care where I go as long as I go somewhere. My greatest high is knowing I will be leaving out of town after a long work week.   I am not the average auxiliary, as I have come to find out.   I work at my school four days a week, but I have 6 private lessons. So by the Thursday evening, I sit in my yoga class in mid lunar salutation. (Yes, I know I am not suppose to think about anything but …)Somehow I set up a compelling  argument that indeed I deserve to go on a three day weekend or day trip.I have a close intercambio teacher, confidant, and friend. For this purpose, I will only call him by the name I have coined him my Holy Grail.
So Holy Grail… Just so I can give you a visual of holy grail. You know the descriptions you normally get in romance novels of Spanish stallions …yes my Spanish teacher embodies that. First thing he say is , “yo flipeo contigo !” (Which is colloquial for, “you make me flip out”) “Do you ever relax and stay in Madrid for one weekend ” I always answer with you never know what you can do unless you do it. 


In the  meantime,  I know my time here is  limited and I might as well take advantage of every flight special. Since this experience is taking me way from the people I love and missing rites of passage.
But not all is lost… Travel is the one thing that no one can take away from me. It helped me prioritize my life and reflect on what is important and what I value.  Every trip brings me that much closer to that.

2 thoughts on “Chin chin (cheers) to the love of my life

  1. You should definitely explore and travel as much as you can while you have the opportunity. I wish I have this kind of opportunity. I try to travel at least twice a year and one of them have to be new place. Nothing enrich your life like traveling. 🙂


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