3,257 KM travelled,Three Marriage propsals,Third Continent visited(and Counting), officially got my first Girl Crush… Morocco Series 1

When I decided to finally go to my third continent I knew it as going to be different, but I did not expect it to leave such an impact the way it has.   I booked this trip mainly because I had holy week off… one of the many perks of being on a teacher schedule.

Ironically,  I thought what a better time than to book along trip somewhere exotic and unlikely place to go for holy week.  However, when I saw the deal with Be Madrid.  I thought to myself I could not pass this up.

Let me start by saying, I believe this trip surpassed any expectation.  I have made the executive decision to write about Morocco in a series of post.   After all,  there is no way I could journal 3,257 KM in one post.  For one, whoever decides to read this would get extremely tired of hearing my tirade of every city.  Secondly,  each place I visited has a special “je ne sais quoi”.  However, when I signed up for this adventure of a lifetime I would not have thought that I’d have the opportunity to climb the majestic salmon colored sand, have an eye-opening conversation with a Berber (man  of the desert), dance underneath a star studded sky with the grainy fine sand between your toes, sleep in a Jaima with camels parked in front, visit one of the oldest cities in the world, and sharing it with strangers who I can truly say I will continue to keep in touch with.

Crossing  the Gibraltar strait was exciting but before we could actually do this… I had a case of culture shock when I got to Algeciras Ferry Station.  This furthest point in Spain gave me a quick jolt of reality that we are about to enter a completely different world.  Yours truly, decided to use the restroom.  There were two types,  I know this is probably not politically correct but this is the nickname I gave it.  There were the western toilets and the eastern toilets … The line was  ridiculous and I quickly realized why.  There were 4 eastern toilets and the rest were western.  So just so I can  give you a visual the eastern toilet is a hole in the ground with porcelain facade. (keeping it classy)  Yes,  I had no choice since my eyeballs were going to start float.  So I put my yoga practice into practice  and assumed the Malasana position aka frog squat.  I remember laughing and  thinking to myself, ” You wanted Morocco … well you got it”.

The two-hour ferry ride reminded me of the movie the Titanic.  The excitement of arriving to another continent, culture, and language I could barely contain it with constant plastered smile on my face .  But my excitement would have to wait since we had to get off  the ferry and go through “Customs” and “baggage check”.   As if the restroom was not enough culture shock…  We were in a “Line” I use that loosely because it was organized chaos.  Quickly get to the bus and I could go on how green and beautiful Tangier is but the truth is that the english language does not have the words to describe the beautiful scenic routes we took to Chefchaouen.  So I am not even going to try to describe it, but I will say it made me feel that life is not about the amount of breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away. To view video Click here. P.S. Chefchaouen will be posted soon.



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