Chefchaouen… Chefchaouen… Why are you so Blue!


Chefchaouen… my first recollection of this city was about two years ago when I was in my cubical randomly searching through pinterest.  I would take a 10 minute break so I would not go cookoo  for coco puffs after answering phones and dealing with some disingenuous people.  I remember when I typed in the search box “Morocco” an image of this city appeared.  I remember thinking  ” I will be there someday”. Well this day finally came, it was last Saturday.  My second stop in Morocco did not mentally prepare my brain for how blissfully beautiful  this quaint city would be.  The ocean shades of blue, narrow minaret arch ways, intricately placed tile, without the children taking  notice of the splendor  they live in.

No one would know that this place was attack several times in its lifetime.  First, the Portuguese, then the Bereberes (rebellious tribe AKA Man of the Desert),  and the Spanish.  Due to these attempted conquest of this blue paradise city remained closed to all foreigners especially Christians from the 17th century until 1920 when the Spanish occupied the city.   So I do find it ironic that the place I would step foot in Morocco during Semana Santa (Holy Week) would be this one.
Chefchaouen is not just memorable because it was the first city we explored or the fact that I got proposed to for the first time (I will explain more later), but more importantly is where I got my first taste of Moroccan Food.  Most of all, my friends will tell you that I base my love for a place on how much I love their food.  After all, it is one of the life’s greatest pleasures to enjoy food.  After the food … discovering tiny alley ways,  and friendly locals. I would probably have to say it is one of the most photogenic cities I have ever seen.
I never thought this tiny alley way city colored in blue would leave a mark on my memory the way it has.  I know it’s a bit premature to say, however this  Moroccan City, was my favorite city. My Iphone and Sony camera have been blessed to have the honor to snap moments in this city.
I strayed away from the group to buy a traditional dress.  The shop owner asked,  “You are not from here, right?”  … “Yes, I’m not”  … He responded with ”  Welcome  to Morocco” .  This act reminds me of the reason why I travel because it is a constant reminder of how many good, kind people there are in the world and how I occupy such a small place in it.
P.S. Ouarzazate and the Sahara next

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