Camels, Sahara, Berbers OH MY!!! Morocco Series Part 3


To say “Todo, we are not in Kansas anymore” is a complete understatement of 2015 when talking about the desert (wait not just any desert the Sahara). Recently, I spoke about Chefchauoen and it is still my favorite city. However, my favorite experience would have to be the desert. Which most Spanish people would say here in Spain, ” es una pasada” (literally means it’s passed but translated as this is “awesome” ) .Most have been to Morocco will agree  that it’s a place where they have mastered the art of  encapsulating time.


I am the first one

However, getting to this place easily resembles the journey the Three Wiseman took to give Jesus his gifts on January 6th.  We left Fez at the break of dawn from our fun-filled day before.  It was 6 hours to be exact with several stops and a bite of Moroccan style Mille-Feuille pronounced [mil fœj] it means in French a thousand layers of sweet diabetic goodness.

Then, Ta-Da there it was the entrance to the desert.  Quickly, I realized that my derrière and I  were relieved to get off the bus, but there is a sense of calmness that comes over you. Once we stepped out of our tour bus ,which I have coined the time machine, you would think I would smell camel dung.  Instead, I was surprised with an overwhelming scent of camomile, men with long colorful robes, and turban’s.  Before I knew it, I had a Berber wrap my head with a scarf to create a turban.  I know what you are thinking you put on the turban  for the photo-op or the Facebook profile picture.  I would answer to the cynics, ” When in Morocco” and really when will I ever get the opportunity to wear a turban. The truth is that the turban does have a purpose as Youssef, my berber guide through the desert stated, “Covering your head protects you from the sun and the longer part in the back is to pull it across your face when it gets windy and the sand does not hit your face.” (I am working on a post with Youssef alone… Alyshah will be pleased JAJAJ inside joke)


The Berber guy who wrapped my head earlier said, ” You the leader…” I remember thinking not even in the desert do things change.  I quickly got reminded of Alexi, my childhood best friend.  She would tend to agree that I am not really a follower and remember thinking about her request for me to bring her some sand.  Then my loud mind suddenly becomes quiet and it sounds cheesy… Yes I  know, but it is a religious experience.  When you get to the top of the sand dune you feel a moment of stillness and silence.  Something I usually always try to strive for in my yoga class however, I always manage to fall asleep. Yet you know time is passing only because you are seeing the process of the sunset and the second miracle across from the sun you see the moon.  I feel that it is one of the most beautiful empirical moments of my life.  #bucketlistexperience112 check…

Click here to watch breathtaking views of the desert.


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