TIE Process in Spain for 1st year


When I talk to my family about bureaucracy in this country they laugh, but I can assure you it is anything but laughable.  Working in the states as a civil servant, it appeared to me that getting anything accomplished was taxing but I know now more than ever that it mentally prepared me for dealing with the Spanish bureaucracy.  So here is the “how-to” on how to get your TIE.

What is a TIE?  Well a TIE (tarjeta de identidad de extranjero) is basically your identity card.   In order to be here legally you must solicit for this card within 30 calendar days of being  in the country.

How to solicit your appointment?  First Click here to make your appointment.  Secondly, you will be asked to select Provincia and you will select from the drop down menu. Then the next drop down will be TRÁMITES: select EXPEDICIÓN DE TARJETA DE IDENTIDAD DE EXTRANJERO (HUELLA).  “Huella” means Fingerprinting.  Once you have clicked on this the program, you will have three random appointment dates to choose from. Bring the following documents above to the appointment.  Lastly, bring a book, headsets, or anything you find entertaining.  You’ll thank me later for this last bit of advice.


Documents you must have at your appointment:

  • Physical Passport
  • Print out of your Fingerprint appointment
  • Copy of Passport page
  • Copy of Visa Page
  • Copy of your entry stamp into  Spain.  (if you happen to get stamped in another EU country you must also have a copy of your itinerary)
  • Modelo EX17 (non-EU citizens) or EX18 (EU) form completed and signed
  • Your Carta de Nombriamiento … Basically your letter that states you have a job here.
  • 1 recent passport photo
  • Receipt of payment for  Modelo 790/ Codigo 012 which is a form you must get at a police station and then pay at the bank. Yes, I know!!! – this procedure involves going to two places. The fee is 15.60€


*** It is monumentally important to make sure you make copies of EVERYTHING and keep the originals.  Trust me on this. They love paperwork, so do not underestimate how many copies you should make.

Finally, the moment of truth.  Make sure you have everything with you. The fingerprint appointment is inside an active jail so don’t  be surprised if you get cat called from a jail cell while you are walking there.  You take Metro Line 5 to Aluche and the street exit is Avenida de los Poblanos.  Make sure to turn left and you will see a building that looks like a circus venue except it is a jail.  Show all your documents and they will keep a copy.  After that you will be given a “resguardo” which is a proof that you turned in the paperwork and you must bring this back to get your card 30 days later.  Yes, you will not receive an email, snail mail, nor a homing  pigeon,  so keep count of these days.  Let’s say you decide to pick it up in 40 days.  Well, they may actually have disposed of it.  So you will have to start the process again from the very beginning


“By perseverance, everything reaches its target.” – Catalan proverb

*note this is for non-EU 

First last day

With my luck I end up in Luck.

With my luck I end up in luck.

October 1st – I get off at Las Suertas Metro stop as I have done countless times before, but this time I am excited and apprehensive so I psych myself up by playing  “Dangerous Paradise” by Coolio on my phone.  A fitting song considering the area where I teach.  I know I have not shared much about my school but partly it is because I’ve kept a journal of the shenanigans my kids say and do.

Truthfully speaking, my school is in a tough neighborhood.  However,  that is part of the reason I wanted to repeat the second year.  Nothing has been as rewarding as walking through the corridors of the school and being greeted with the countless “hello’s”, hugs and kisses I receive daily from my children.

The realization has suddenly hit me that this is going to be my last year here at this school.    So this year I am going to be in the moment.

“You’re worried how you’re going to feel at the end of your life?  What about right now?  LIVE.  Right this moment.  That’s where the joy is at.”  – Abigail Thomas

Enjoy all my students’ out-of-this-world comments, faces and stories.  So here is the way I am going to start my year.