Calling all English Teachers …

Most of you know that I don’t like to promote businesses. The primary purpose for my blog is to chronicle experiences, cultural aspects and provide helpful tips to people who are interested in coming to Spain and sharing what I have experienced. With all that said, this week in Madrid, there is now a new forum for native English teachers who wish to teach in Madrid.

This start-up company has been created as a new forum to allow teachers easy access to students and visa versa. Think of it as an “Air B&B” for languages. This new forum is called Go Profe. This user friendly forum has made it easy for new teachers who are new to the Madrid area to get their private lesson services out there.

Why should you sign up? Well speaking from experience, one of the drawbacks of providing private lessons can be that awkward moment when you are teaching a class and then you realize your creepy student is interested in other intercambios. The second most obvious drawback comes at the end of the session when your student says they will pay you at the next session. Yes, I know! Gasp! At which point, you will find yourself empty-handed, walking home with Rihanna’s “Bitch, give me my money” playing in your head. Then there’s the third drawback, the one that really chaps my a$$. This is when they cancel a scheduled lesson on you altogether while you are in route to their house. Granted, I understand that anything can happen, but going through all the trouble of scheduling the lesson ahead of time and actually making your way to their house makes it all the more inconvenient. Well here is one start-up company that has managed to take all these drawbacks into account and will minimize their occurrence, it not, do away with them altogether. The forum also does away with any confusing lingo bongo and clase particulares.

It’s easy.  Click Here to log in. First, fill in your basic information. Then, you set up a simple profile of the type of classes you teach and any certifications you may have. Shortly thereafter, you will be prompted to select the area where you would like to teach. You must upload a photo of yourself. Lastly, set up a tag line for your advertisement. Very simple.

Once a profile is set up, they verify that you are who you say you are. You are also given the opportunity to agree to teach a potential student or not. As far as avoiding the possibility of walking home empty-handed after providing a lesson, the student is required to set up payment for the classes through a secure forum called Mango Pay. The funds are released once the class has been provided. The best part – if the student cancels at the last minute less than 24 hours from the scheduled time, you still get paid. It really is that simple.
So if you are interested, sign up and be one of the first to take advantage of this new forum.


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