About Me

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Hola ! I am a Houstonian by birthright and a Panamanian by heart. Currently on a voyage of self discovery. As a Panamerica (Panamanian Parents and American born) my story honestly starts about when i was 9 years old. Going back and forth between the two countries I would have to say traveling was probably the first love of my life.   I made my decision to leave family, friends, job, ex-lovers (they were disastrous anyways)and my long distance relationship with Dolce (my beautiful Malti-poo or buch-poo Not quite sure). Three years later, TEFL, Tesol, ESL Certified, sold my anchoring possessions and decided to switch out my bread and butter for Bread and Olive oil. Left everything familiar to set on wanderlust adventure.  Madrid is my first stop.   So here is me, following my arrow and hopefully I may inspire others to do the same.

~Cover the earth before the earth covers you~Raymond Walsh

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