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Segovia Segovia where art Thou Segovia

Most come to Spain and first visit Madrid.. Sevilla …Ibiza … Barcelona,but I have to say that everyone must visit Segovia before they leave the Iberian peninsula.

When you arrive you feel as if you could hear a narrator say…” Once upon a time…”

Segovia is a magical old town is surrounded by two rivers (Rio Eresma and Rio Clamores). This city is not far from Madrid. In a short bus ride you can be in this Romanque city. Shortly when you arrive the city you are greeted by Romanesque Churches like San Juan de los Caballeros, San Esteban, and Iglesia de la Vera Cruz which is a bit outside of the old town. Iglesia de la Vera Cruz was a crusader church and it is a 12 sided church. Then as you walk through the town you see the AQUEDUCT….

First time I saw the aqueduct I could not believe how the greatest conquering civilization were probably the best engineers known to man. Only the Romans could build a structure like this and basically have water from the Rio Frío flow into the city. Then I could not help but laugh as I approached the aqueducts I realized how the USA conquered by strategically placing …. McDonald’s and Burger King near the roman masterpiece. Ahh but who am I to judge. You must also climb to see the panoramic view of Segovia at the Castle of Alcázar. Which just happen to be the residence of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel. Thanks to them North and South America would probably not have been discovered. The 152 Steps aka the thigh master from hell… Is what it takes to get to the top. Let me just say your Culo and your eyes will thank you for it.
To view Segovia trip click here

A special thanks to Ana my segoviana friend and coworker who offered to show me the town she grew up in. Also, her mother for making me a very typical dish Cocido and her dad for getting us churros in the morning. According, to Ana that makes me more Spanish the most having the experience of spending the weekend with a Segovian family … Lol. I think if I grew up in this city I would day dream all the time.

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