I remember when this day could not come sooner. I sometimes look back and forget how badly I wanted this experience . I normally don’t share any of my journal entries after all they are personal. I feel that before I go into my tirade of how I manage to fit 1 year worth of stuff into 2 suitcases. I thought why not take y’all may down memory lane…



Yes, I wrote this when I was 13. I practically fell on my a$$ thank goodness I have plenty of cushion back there. I had never been but I wrote about it, in visioned it, and always felt like a bit of a wall flower even at 13.Also, if you were wondering what the hell …Bask .. I meant to write Basque which is region but, …hey I guess you cant be perfect … Haha

My checklist has been endless life changes and of course all at once…. I mean I am after all from Texas ” go big or go home”
* banks
* resigned from my job ( I guess that should be at the top)
*sold my car
* had a friend come over weeding out what I needed to take ( and she brought over spanish holy water aka wine)
* had a friend come over to pack things ( she brought tissues)
* hand writing thank you notes (I have not finished that)
* purchased compression bags 8 of them to be exact
* 4 space packers
*unlocked me phone
*external hard drives

This is what a year looks like.


Aye dios mio …. (Omg for you non spanish speakers I am exhausted.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Departure

  1. Best of luck on this new adventure, Lynnette! Funny isn’t it how often things that we wrote down ended up coming true. I always believe when you want something and work towards it, the universe will provide. So happy for you reaching your dreams. Bon voyage….


  2. Bien Viaje Lynnette! Nos vemos pronto. Can’t wait to hear about your new chapter! I know it will be amazing because you will make it so. Love you bunches.


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