Tapas Tuesday

San Miguel what a great saint he was to have a Market with his namesake


As I get up and open my window to my balcony and realize wait its to freakin cold have windows opened. I turn on my spotify playlist to Sunday morning. I open my journal to my places to visit in Madrid. Realized I live 12 minutes away from the famous San Miguel market. (That is really defending on your strides)

This glass cottage tucked away in the plaza of San Miguel is food and drink market. The market is probably the most famous because of its rich history. The market is not by any means the biggest in Madrid. However,during the reign of Joseph Bonaparte ( circa 1810 …yes Napoleon’s brother ) destroyed the church named San Miguel de Los Octoes. Explains another reason the Spanish do not like the French. Since the Spanish was not impressed by this action from 1914-1915 the Madrileños decided to build on top of destructed iglesia (church).

As I walked in to a foodies temple ….I am not going to lie the smell is overpowering. This place does not only has historic significance but it is a great alternative to eat quality food in a cost effective way. Plus, it is a great people watching. You could try pinxtos, tapas, wine, cañas (referred to as a medium cup 1/2 pint of beer), churros endless desert, traditional Jamon Iberrico or Serrano, several different styles of paella and countless cured cheeses. It’s amazing to think that you could eat a filling meal and drink wine for under 10 €.

What I consider priceless is walking around with your glass of wine and the lack of judgement. This is probably one of the top 10 places to visit in Madrid.Check out video and stills from San Miguel Market.La Concha
I am here sitting at la concha cute electric tapas bar with “let’s get it on”playing in the background in Cava Baja not far where I live. This area has been coined by Anthony Bourdain the best place to eat in Madrid. I wish I could say that I had that in mind when I made my decision to live near Cava Baja. This area is literally a culinary chefs sexy time dream.

I just finished ordering probably 30€ worth of food and wine. Ask me if I care… Mom always said ” una vez al año no hace daño” I am going to declare this my first Tuesday tapas. Segment.


So I ordered hummus which had an amazing flavor i believed they added cumin it had an interesting yellow coloring that was like no other. It had the right proportions of tahini, olive oil , paprika, Spanish pimento.

Then second tapa was tostada de Gambas. I am a shrimp / prawn lover so they are broiled it with cured goat cheese. ” it was like buttah ” (snl skit)

Third course … were these perfectly round tomatoe sauce albondigas aka meatballs.

La concha is definitely not your traditional style of tapas. They mix two culinary styles one with the Middle East and the Iberian peninsula .Price point is not as high but definitely I would give it $$ out of 5. It is cozy bar to drink a couple of sangrias and meet the locals.

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